Boat cruise on Olifants river and Amarula Lapa visit

I suggest I take you for a boat cruise on the Olifants River.  It’s situated about 20km outside Phalaborwa. The wildlife is wonderful in the area and can be seen from the boat.  We enjoy breakfast on the boat.  It’s for 3 hours and very relaxing.

After that we visit Amarula Lapa and watch a short video about how the famous Amarula Liqueur is made.  You can taste the liqueur.  Amarula is currently the second best selling Liqueur in the world, and it’s very traditional in South Africa.

Rehabilitation visit – Moholoholo

I suggest we leave Phalaborwa early and make the most of the day.  (around 90 km from Phalaborwa).

We will do a Tour at a famous Rehab Centre (they are closed on Sundays) they have different birds, animals, and birds of prey at their Rehabilitation Centre that depends on them.  They do wonderful work and have different Vultures too that you can feed and they sit on your arm it’s really an experience.  You will learn a lot from them.  We do a light lunch in Hoedspruit and I can show you the little shops in the beautiful town.  Hoedspruit is a real tourism town.

Boat cruise on the Blyde River Canyon

 (Near Hoedspruit area around 100 km from Phalaborwa)

Enjoy the splendor of the third largest Canyon in the world. Unquestionably being the largest “green canyon” due to its lush subtropical foliage. An interpretation tour by a tour guide from the area will take you to the rare living Kadishi Tufa waterfall and the Three Rondawels.

An abundance of wildlife will keep you distracted while learning more about the natural history of the Blyde Canyon. The Canyon is famous for the Kadishi Tufa waterfall. At 200m (around 660 feet) in height it is the second tallest tufa waterfall on earth. In the case of the Kadishi Tufa fall, the formation that has been produced strikingly resembles a face which is crying profusely, and is thus sometimes known as 'the weeping face of nature. Boat cruise 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

Jessica the hippo

Jessica is a 17 year old female Hippopotamus who lives near Hoedspruit.  What makes Jessica so special and unique, is the fact that she's a wild animal that interacts with humans in a rather different way than nature has intended. It is well believed that Hippos are some of the most dangerous and fearsome creatures in Africa and there are many accounts of Hippos attacking (and killing) people who invade their space or disrupt their routines.

With this animal, this is definitely not the case since she loves interaction with humans and she displays mind-boggling characteristics which makes us wonder about our approach towards wild animals. When considering the natural behavior of the species, it is hard to establish whether Jessica considers herself as human or us humans as fellow hippos? Due to her behavior, Jessica has become somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon and she has her own international fan-club. You can feed her, touch her and the ladies can even give her a kiss what an experience.

Culture tour

We can visit Lulekani for a Culture tour and see how the African Shangaan people live and learn more about their traditions. We will visit a traditional healer, local ladies of the community making traditional wear, taste traditional food, visit a traditional family’s house, visit a children’s orphanage.  Will be for about 3 hours.